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تنوع جاذبه های گردشگری و برنامه های گیله گشت

Considering the multiple attractions for eco-tourism in Ghasem-Abad village and the nearby region, Gileboom offers a wide range of tours as listed below:

Excursions Walking Hiking Trekking
Visit to Tea Factory Eisal-Koo Walk Chale-Sara Hike Ascending Gishar-Kuh Peak
Javaher-Dasht Safari Mish-Sere Dasht Walk  Merse – Konale Hike Ascending Somamus Peak
Observing Fishing Activities   Chale-Sara to Plat-Kale-Sar Hike   
Visit to Damkesh Spring   Milash Waterfal Hike   

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