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Peaks have always been regarded as glorious and majestic landmarks by ancient Iranians. Nowadays many adventures groups arrange climbing notable peaks in Alborz and Zagros mountain range each year.

The magnificent Alborz Mountains contain about 70 peaks over 4000m. The highest one is Mt Damavand (5671m), Alam Kuh (4850m) and Mt Sabalan (4811m) are the second and the third one.

The Highest peak in Guilan province is Somamous (3700 m) which is located in Somamous mountain. It is the highest peak near the Caspian Sea لینک بشه به مقاله.

If you want to have a great view over the Sea and Caspian hyrcanian mixed forests لینک بشه به مقاله then Somamous peak climbing is the best choice for you.

Climbing Gishar-kuh peak (1350m) is desirable for those adventurous trekkers who like to pass the entire trail in Hyrcanian mixed forests and from the saddle to the top have the vast view of great Alborz mountain range and the peaks around in south and great view over the Caspian Sea in the north direction.

In Gileboom homestay we host many adventurous trekkers who would like to do these climbing beside they are so interested in flora and fauna of the environment.