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Farm tourism, which is also known as “agritourism,” has been defined as the opportunities for tourists to “reside and sometimes participate in the working activities of farms and ranches” (Smith & Long).

It is the business of attracting visitors to farm areas generally for educational and recreational purposes.

Rural farms are becoming attractive tourist destinations also because more visitors are nostalgic for a “simpler” time. They want to escape the hustle of city life and connect with natural and cultural heritage and enjoy a richer and authentic leisure experience. They want to learn, connect with meaning, and meet genuine people engaged in a rural/agricultural lifestyle.

Farm tourism helps the tourists to be part of day – to – day agricultural activity. They can also buy products from there along with enjoying the local cuisines. The additional income from this can be utilized for the improvement of farming.

Benefits from farm tourism

  • A get together in a farm will be some precious moments in tourist life
  • It involves group work
  • An opportunity to meet new people
  • Get closer to nature

Gileboom Homestay لینک بشه provides variety of farm tourism activities in Ghasem-Abad village. If you are travelling in spring you can participate in manual tea processing, rice planting, and orange blossom picking. In summer you can try manual tea processing though, if you want to try a kind in autumn, kiwifruit picking is the choice and for winter, orange picking is the best.